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05 February 2021
Articles of our employees
The journal "Polymer materials" (No. 2, 2021) published an article by the head of the department Olga Voloshina (in collaboration with Lola Ogrel) "Russian market of PVC pipes and equipment for their production"
29 December 2020
Results of the company's work in 2020
In 2020, the INFOMINE Research Group Ltd. carried out over 65 studies.
20 November 2020
Company news
INFOMINE Research Group Ltd. has confirmed its accreditation with the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK)
06 November 2020
Articles of our employees
In the journal Mineral Resources of Russia. Economics and Management "(No. 4-5 / 2020) published an article by the company's freelance expert Vladimir Teslenko "Russia in the world market of uranium raw materials."
02 November 2020
Company news
On November 1, the company celebrated its 27th anniversary. We have timed the creation of the INFOMINE Alumni Club for this significant event. So far, it includes 16 people, but the doors of the Club are always open. We are glad that everyone is still on the same team!
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Company news

20 November 2020

INFOMINE Research Group Ltd. has confirmed its accreditation with the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK).

The company is included in the register of external evaluators of commercial (marketing) development of investment projects for the following types of economic activities:

OKED 05 – “Coal and Lignite Mining”;

OKED 07 - "Mining of metal ores"

OKED 08 - "Other branches of the mining industry"

OKED 09 - "Technical services in the mining industry"

OKED 19 - "Production of coke and refined products"

OKED 20 - "Production of chemical products"

OKED 22 - "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products"

OKED 23 - "Production of other non-metallic mineral products"

OKED 24 - "Metallurgical Industry"

OKED 25 - "Production of finished metal products, except for machinery and equipment"

OKED 27 - "Manufacture of electrical equipment"

OKED 28 - "Manufacture of machinery and equipment not included in other categories"


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March 2021

Direct Reduced Iron (DRI/HBI) in Russia and world: Production, Market and Forecast (3rd edition)

March 2021

Lithium and Lithium Compounds in the world and Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (3rd edition)

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