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14 February 2024
Articles of our staff
In the journal “Mineral Resources of Russia. Economics and Management" (No. 1, 2024) published an article by the general director of the company Igor Petrov “Flows of raw materials for the production of non-ferrous metals in Russia.”
10 January 2024
Company news
The company Infomine is connected and uses electronic document management through VLSI EDI (the service is provided by "Tensor Company" LLC).
28 December 2023
In 2023, the INFOMINE Research Group company completed over 80 studies.
22 December 2023
Company news
On December 18, the company’s expert analyst Victoria Vlasova took part in the “Graphite 2023” conference, organized by CREON Conferences, where she presented a report “Overview of the graphite market in the world, the CIS and Russia.”
18 December 2023
Company news
On December 12, the head of the company’s department, Olga Voloshina, took part in the conference “Sulfuric Acid 2023”, organized by CREON Conferences, where she presented a report “Overview of the sulfuric acid market in Russia and the CIS”.
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Company's news. We are 30 years old!

27 October 2023

On November 1, 2023, our company turns 30 years old.

During this period of years, we conducted 1,596 studies and 1,643 operational monitoring of markets for certain types of products.

Structure of our work:
- 33% - chemical products and compounds,
- 29% - metals and raw materials for their production,
- 27% - non-metallic raw materials and building materials,
the rest is equipment, oil refining, energy, high-tech products, ecology, logistics, services.

The customers of the work are companies from 32 countries, Russian enterprises accounted for 62% of the research.

Our “top” market research topics:
Steel and rolled products
Sulfur and sulfuric acid
Sodium sulfate
Fibers are different
Coal and coal products
Tungsten and molybdenum
Chlorine and chlorine products
Caustic soda
Soda Ash
Rare earth metals
Copper and products made from it
Petroleum coke
Limestone and lime
Aluminum and products made from it
Lead and zinc
Glass and products

The authors of the studies during this time are 68 people (of which 63% are the fair half of humanity),

14 employees performed more than 50 studies.

Over the past years, company employees have made 121 reports (18 people) at conferences and seminars.

145 articles were published (27 collaborators).


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February 2024

Benzene in the Russia, EAEU countries and the world: Production, Market and Forecast (4 edition)

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