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Anthracene Oil in Russia/CIS: Production, Market and Forecast

Seitenzahl: 38 Anzahl der Tische: 8 Anzahl der Zeichnungen: 7
Report Sprache: Russian + English
Freigegeben: 27.01.2010
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This report is available both in Russian and English versions.


The report is devoted to investigation of current standing of market of anthracene oil in the CIS and forecast of its development. The report is composed of 4 Sections, contains 38 Pages, including 7 Figures, 8 Tables and Appendix.

Methodologically, the work was implemented in 2 stages – "desk" studies and "field" activity by telephone interview method. At the first stage, we analysed many information sources, first of all, data of state bodies: Federal Service of State Statistics of Russia (Rosstat, FSSS of Russia), State Committees on Statistics of CIS countries, Federal Customs Service of Russia (FCS of Russia), State Customs Committee of Ukraine (SCC of Ukraine), official domestic railage statistic of JSC RZhD (former Ministry of Railway Transport of Russia), sectoral (industrial) and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of companies, data from web-sites of company-producers, as well as own InfoMine database.

At the second stage, the summarized and analysed data were verified and corrected by the way of telephone interviews with specialists of Russian and Ukrainian companies, described and mentioned in the report.

The first Section of the report presents information on methods of obtaining anthracene oil and resources used, describes directions and volumes of supplies of the resources to anthracene oil producers.

The second Section is devoted to analysis of production of anthracene oil for 2003-2008, including description of current standing of its producers, data of resources base, volumes of the production, plans on development of the company-producers, as well as data on volumes and directions of supplies of anthracene oil in latest years.

The third Section describes consumption of anthracene oil and presents review of key end-uses of the product.

The fourth Section of the report gives forecast of development of anthracene oil market.

The Appendix presents addresses and contact information on companies, involved in production and consumption of anthracene oil.





I. Process of production of anthracene oil and resources used

I.1. Obtaining anthracene oil in the course of processing of coal tar

I.2. Basic suppliers of resources for production of anthracene oil in the CIS


II. Production of anthracene oil in the CIS/Russia

II.1. Grade of products

II.2. Volumes of production of anthracene oil in CIS countries

II.3. Company-producers of anthracene oil

II.3.1. Cherepovets Iron&Steel Integrated Works of JSC "Severstal" (Cherepovets Steelworks, Cherepovets, Vologda region, Russia)


III. Consumption of anthracene oil

III.1. Supply-demand balance of anthracene oil in Russia

III.2. End-uses of anthracene oil

III.2.1. Resources for manufacturing carbon black

III.2.2. Antiseptic agent for wood protection

III.3. Consumers of anthracene oil in Russia

JSC "Yaroslavl Carbon Black" (Yaroslavl)


IV. Prospects of development of anthracene oil market

Table 1: Average yield of fractions in fractionation of coal tar

Table 2: Composition of 1st anthracene fraction

Table 3: Composition of crude anthracene

Table 4: Capacities of Russian enterprises on production of coal tar and anthracene fraction and coal tar output in 2006-2008, kt

Table 5: Requirements, imposed on quality of coal tar anthracene oil according to Specifications 14-6-150-78

Table 6: Production of anthracene oil and anthracene fraction in the CIS in 2003-2009, kt

Table 7: Supplies of anthracene oil of production of CherMK JSC "Severstal" to Russian consumers in 2003-2009, t

Table 8: Requirements, imposed on quality of resources for carbon black (according to GOST 11126-88)

Figure 1: Diagram of coal tar rectification in one-column tube facility

Figure 2: Simplified flow sheet of coal tar processing to obtain various fractions

Figure 3: Flow sheet of processing of 1st anthracene fraction

Figure 4: Dynamics of production of coal tar, anthracene oil and resources for carbon black by CherMK JSC "Severstal" in 2003-2008, kt

Figure 5: Dynamics of consumption of anthracene oil in Russia in 2003-2009, kt

Figure 6: Dynamics of production of carbon black in Russia in 2003-2009, kt

Figure 7. Dynamics of production (kt) and share of JSC "Yaroslavl Carbon Black" (%) in total volume of production of carbon black in Russia in 2003-2009


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