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Graphene in the world and Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

Seitenzahl: 111 Anzahl der Tische: 21 Anzahl der Zeichnungen: 43
Report Sprache: Russian
Freigegeben: 11.05.2017
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Preis: 2 000 Euro

This report is the first edition of the graphene market research in the world and in Russia.


The purpose of the study is to analyze the world and Russian graphene market.

The subject of the study is graphene and its derivatives, primarily graphene oxide.

This paper is a desk study. Information sources from scientific, sectoral and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of securities issuers, websites of graphene producers, and survey of domestic and foreign graphene production and use specialists were used as sources of information.

Chronological framework of the study: 2010-2016, forecast for 2017-2022.

Geography of the study: the countries of the world and the Russian Federation.

The report consists of 5 chapters, contains 111 pages, including 21 tables, 43 figures and 2 annexes.


The first chapter contains information on graphene, its basic properties and approaches to standardization of graphene materials. The levels of impurities on certain industrial graphene grades are selectively indicated.

The second chapter describes the raw materials used and the main industrial technologies for the production of graphene films and graphene powders.

In the third chapter, the characteristics of the world market in 2010-2016 are given. The main producers of graphene are discussed in detail, the main drivers of the market are formulated, the leading research centers for graphene are indicated, briefly describes the areas of application of graphene and the price analysis of graphene from different manufacturers is carried out.

The fourth chapter examines the state of the graphene industry in Russia in 2010-2016.

In the fifth chapter, prospects for the development of the graphene industry are discussed and the forecast of production and consumption is given up to 2022.

The annexes contain addresses and contact information for foreign and Russian graphene producers.


The target audience of the study:

- graphene market participants in Russia and CIS countries - producers, consumers, traders;

- potential investors.

The proposed study claims the role of a reference tool for professionals who make management decisions that work in this market.





1. Basic characteristics of graphene, types of industrial products, quality requirements (standards)

Product Forms



2. Raw and production technologies of graphene


3. The World Graphene Market

3.1 World production in 2010-2016 and the main producers of graphene

3.2. Areas of application and main trends in the graphene market

3.3. Main R & D Centers

3.4. Areas of application of graphene in 2010-2016

3.5. Price analysis

3.5.1. Prices for graphene powders

3.5.2. Prices for graphene nano-particles

3.5.3. Prices for graphene films


4. Graphene market in Russia in 2010-2016, producers and consumers

4.1. Manufacturers of graphene in Russia in 2010-2016

4.2. Foreign trade operations of the Russian Federation with graphene in 2014-2016

4.3. Consumers of graphene in Russia in 2010-2016


5. Prospects for the development of the graphene industry in Russia, forecast for 2017-2022


Appendix 1. The main producers of graphene in the world in 2016

Appendix 2. The main manufacturers of graphene in Russia in 2016

Information sources

Table 1: Basic properties of monolayer graphene (MG), multilayer graphene nanoparticles (LLN) and crushed graphite

Table 2: Analysis of graphene nanoparticles on the content of impurities of seven elements, ppm

Table 3: Technical characteristics of grades of graphene nano-particles produced by Angstron Materials (USA)

Table 4: Applications of graphene grades from Angstron Materials (USA)

Table 5: Main characteristics of graphene grades produced by Knano (China)

Table 6: Main characteristics of graphene grades produced by The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology Co. Lt; / RTI & gt; (China)

Table 7: Main characteristics of graphene oxide grades manufactured by The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology Co. Lt; / RTI & gt; (China)

Table 8: Main properties of graphene grades produced by Tangshan Jianhua Industrial Group (China)

Table 9: Technical characteristics of graphene nano-plates of the brand xGnP®

Table 10: Main characteristics of graphene brands of AzTrong (USA)

Table 11: Main characteristics of graphene oxide grades by AzTrong (USA)

Table 12: Characteristics of graphene powders from Fanglin Minerals (China)

Table 13: Areas of application of the global graphene market

Table 14: Prices for graphene powders of foreign producers as of March 31, 2017, $ / kg

Table 15: Prices for graphene nano-plates of foreign manufacturers as of March 31, 2017, $ / kg

Table 16: Prices for graphene films on copper or silicon substrates as of March 31, 2017, $ / cm2

Table 17: Characteristics of aqueous pastes of graphene nano-plates

Table 18: Price list of graphene products of LLC "Nanotechcenter" (Tambov) as of 05/29/2015

Table 19: Main properties of graphene grades produced by JSC "ZAVKOM"

Table 20: The main financial indicators of LLC Carbolight in 2010-2015, thousand rubles.

Table 21: Import of graphene in 2014-2016, grams, $ 

Figure 1: Schematic representation of graphene

Figure 2: Monocrystalline graphene (left) and amorphous graphene (right)

Figure 3: Defects in single-layer graphene of the type "vacancy", "topological defect of Stone-Wales" and "nanopore"

Figure 4: Structure of graphene with incorporated crown ether molecules

Figure 5: Electronic photographs of graphene oxide pom-poms

Figure 6: CVD scheme for the synthesis of graphene on the substrate

Figure 7: Scheme of obtaining graphene from graphite through the intermediate formation of graphite oxide

Figure 8: The share of different technologies in the global production of graphene in 2016

Figure 9: Dynamics of world production of graphene in 2010-2016, kt

Figure 10: Geographical distribution of graphene producers by regions of the world in 2016, pieces

Figure 11: Top-10 global producers of graphene in 2016, tons per year

Figure 12: The family of graphene nano-particles produced by Angstron Materials (USA)

Figure 13: The workshop for the production of graphene by the Chinese company The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology in 2016

Figure 14: Grafen anticorrosion coating on a windmill tower in the Yellow Sea

Figure 15: Graphene production workshop of Tangshan Jianhua Industrial Group (China)

Figure 16: Scheme of the three-stage process for the production of graphene nano-plates by XG Sciences, Inc. (USA)

Figure 17: Samples of graphene powders from Hengli Shengtai (China)

Figure 18: The scheme of continuous exfoliation of a graphene film from a copper substrate onto an intermediate polymer layer according to the design of Graphene Square (South Korea)

Figure 19: Technological scheme of production of graphene touch screens for smartphones company Graphene Square (South Korea)

Figure 20: Graphenea Graphene Production Workshop

Figure 21: Scheme of applicability of graphene in 9 units of a car

Figure 22: Appearance of a mechanical chronometer with a graph TPT ™ graphene composite body

Figure 23: Composition diagram of "graphene / polymer" developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL (USA)

Figure 24: Grafenovy loudspeaker, consisting of 16 sound-producing modules, the development of the institute KAIST (South Korea)

Figure 25: Graphene helmet for motorcyclists Grafene developed by Graphene Labs (Italy)

Figure 26: Diagram of graphene sensor of nitrogen dioxide and ammonia, created in Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. In 2016

Figure 27: Structure of graphene consumption areas in 2016,%

Figure 28: Appearance of screens for smartphones manufactured by Wuxi Graphene Electronic Film Technology Co (China).

Figure 29: Appearance of flexible smartphone bracelets with graphene screen by Moxi (China)

Figure 30: Flexible desktop display based on FlexEnable graphene (England)

Figure 31: Appearance of lithium-ion battery from Dongxu Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (China)

Figure 32: Appearance of supercapacitors based on graphene electrodes developed by NanoTechCenter LLC (Tambov) together with JSC VSCB Rikon (Voronezh)

Figure 33: Automobile tires with graphene manufactured by Shangdong Hengyu Technology (China)

Figure 34: Car tires reinforced with graphene from Nanjing SCF Nanotechnology Ltd. (China)

Figure 35: Thermoplastic thread for 3D printing (hardened with graphene) from Nanjing SCF Nanotechnology Ltd. (China)

Figure 36: Samples of 12 different-colored plastic composites hardened with graphene, produced by Nanjing SCF Nanotechnology Ltd. (China)

Figure 37: Model system of graphene - water - lipid bilayer for biosensors

Figure 38: Scheme of interaction of two peptides through the stage of sorption of one of them on the surface of graphene oxide

Figure 39: Scheme of physico-chemical processes for the production of graphite from graphene nano-plates and their chemical derivatives

Figure 40: Grafen film on a nickel foil 20x100 mm produced by OOO "Rusgrafen" (Moscow)

Figure 41: Change in the properties of the compound of epoxy resin when modified with graphene in an amount of 0.001; 0.01 and 0.05%

Figure 42: Basic forecast for graphene production in the world and the Russian Federation for 2017-2022, kt

Figure 43: Optimistic forecast for graphene production in the world and the Russian Federation for 2017-2022, kt


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