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18 May 2020
Articles of our employees
In the journal "Mineral Resources of Russia. Economics and Management” (No. 2/2020) an article was published by the head of the company’s department, Mrs. Elena...
31 March 2020
Office hours during the COVID-19 epidemic
From April 1, 2020, the company’s office is quarantined. The company’s work continues in the normal mode remotely. All obligations under the concluded contracts will be fulfilled in a...
12 March 2020
Participation in the conference
General Director Igor Petrov resented a report “Export Positions of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy in Russia and Prospects for the Supply of High Converted Products to Foreign Markets” in the...
24 February 2020
Company news
Deputy Director of INFOMINE Research Group Mr. Mikhail Burshtein took part in the international conference on petroleum coke, held on February 24 in San Diego (USA). Within the framework of the...
29 January 2020
Company news
After a break, the company resumed trips to industrial enterprises. This time our way lay in Korolev city. It was there that a new production facility for the processing of rare-earth raw materials...
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Metallrohstoffe (14)

Iron Ore Raw Materials (Iron Ore Concentrate, Sinter, Pellets) in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (6th edition) 12/2016 3000 Euro
Iron Ore Raw Materials (Sintered Ore, Concentrate, Pellets) Market Research Report | Russia Industry Analysis 2017/2018 07/2018 390 Euro
Iron Ore Concentrates in China: Production, Market and Forecast 02/2016 1500 Euro
Iron Ore Raw Materials Market Research in the World: Current Condition and Prospects of Development (2nd edition) 09/2010 3000 Euro
Zirconium Raw Materials in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (2nd edition) 12/2013 2000 Euro
Manganese (manganese ore, ferroalloys and manganese compounds) in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast 11/2013 3000 Euro
Chrome Raw Materials in the CIS:Production, Market and Forecast 12/2010 2000 Euro
Titanium Raw Materials in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (3rd edition) 04/2018 2000 Euro
Market Overview offers titanium raw materials and titanium dioxide pigment in the CIS 05/2019 1000 Euro
Aluminium Raw Materials (Bauxite, Nepheline, Alunite) in th CIS: Production, Market and Forecast 07/2012 2000 Euro
Alumina in Russia, CIS and Europa: Production, Market and Forecast 12/2015 2000 Euro
Technogenic Mineral Raw Materials in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast 12/2017 2000 Euro
Pyrite Concentrates and Pyrite Cinders in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast 12/2019 2000 Euro
Uranium raw materials in the world, the CIS and Russia: Production, Market and Forecast 04/2020 3000 Euro

Contact information of main CIS metals and minerals companies  (free access!).

The reports listed include data on geology, reserves, mining, concentration, smelting, refining, structure of consumption, export and import of the metals (and other products) mentioned, as well as technological and economic analysis of standing of all enterprises, producing and consuming products of interest.
All reports include information on 5-7 previous years.
The price of the report includes both English and Russian versions.


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May 2020

Fuel cells for hydrogen energy in Russia and the world: Production, Market and Forecast

May 2020

Bentonite Clay and Mud Powder in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (8th edition)

May 2020

Tungsten in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (13th edition)

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