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Cement in the Ukraine: Production, Market and Forecast

Seitenzahl: 60 Anzahl der Tische: 13 Anzahl der Zeichnungen: 13
Report Sprache: Russian
Freigegeben: 09.06.2011
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This report is currently available in Russian language only. However, we can provide an English version of the report within 3 weeks after receiving a payment.


This report focuses on the investigation of the current condition of cement market in Ukraine and forecast of its development up to 2015. The report consists of seven chapters, contains 60 pages including 13 Tables, 13 Figures and 2 Appendices.
In the first chapter, the report provides a brief description of the global cement market for the period of 2000-2010, as well as its development prospects.
In the second chapter the position of raw material base of cement industry of Ukraine is described. The chapter presents data on reserves of cement raw materials, regional pattern of their distribution, as well as information about the resource base of the leading producers of cement.
The third chapter is devoted to the production of cement in the Ukraine. This section provides statistics of the production in 2002-2010, data on the regional production patterns, as well as on the volumes of cement production by individual enterprises. Also this chapter analyses the current position of the leading players in the cement market of Ukraine, including data on available production capacities, product range, the business development plans, destinations of the cement supplies.
In the fourth chapter of the report data of customs statistics on foreign trade in cement in the Ukraine are analyzed. The information about the regional structure of export-import supplies of the main exporters and importers is given here.
The fifth chapter is devoted to analysis of price conjuncture at the Ukrainian cement market. This section discusses the current prices of cement in the domestic market, presents the price forecast for the near future, as well as an overview of the export and import prices.
The sixth chapter of the report is devoted to the consumption of cement: supply-demand balance of the product is given, the dynamics of apparent consumption of cement by Ukrainian enterprises is estimate. Also in this section the position of the construction industry and its development prospects is analyzed.
The seventh chapter presents forecast of development of the Ukrainian cement market in 2015.
Appendices offer contact information on producers of cement in the Ukraine, as well as the existing classification of cements and requirements imposed on cements by the state standards.
This work is a desk study. As information sources, data of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, State Customs Committee of Ukraine (data on foreign trade operations), the UN database, the U.S. Geological Survey were used, as well as information from regional press, annual and quarterly reports of companies, web-sites of enterprises, information databases of enterprises and the own InfoMine database.



I. Brief characteristics of world cement market
II. Technology of production of cement and raw materials and equipment used in the industry

II.1. Cement production technology and equipment used
II.2. Raw materials for cement industry
II.2.1. Characteristics of the raw materials used
II.2.2. Position of reserves of raw materials for cement industry in Ukraine
III. Cement production in Ukraine
III.1. The capacity for cement production
Eurocement Holding AG (Russia)
LaFarge (France)
HeidelbergCement (
Dyckerhoff AG (Germany)
III.2. The volume of cement production in Ukraine in 2002-2010
III.2.1. The current position of the leading producers of cement
JSC Eurocement-Ukraine (Balakleya cement plant Balcem)
JSC Kramatorsk cement plant Pushka
JSC Ktibyi Rih Cement
JSC Dneprocement
JSC Doncement (Amvrosievsky Cement Plant)
Cement Donbass LLC (Enakievo cement plant)
JSC Volyn-Cement (Zdolbunov cement-slate combine)
JSC Yugcement (Olshansky cement plant)
JSC Kievcement
JSC Podolsky cement
JSC Nikolaevcement
JSC Ivano-Frankovskcement (Yamnitsky cement-slate combine)
CJSC Bahchisaray Works Stroiindustriya
Cement LLC (Odessa)
Other companies

III.2.2. Projects to build new cement plants
IV. Foreign trade in cement in Ukraine in 2002-2010
IV.1. Imports
IV.2. Exports
V. Review of Ukrainian cement prices
V.1. Domestic prices
V.2. Dynamics of the export-import prices in 2002-2010
VI. Cement consumption
VI.1. The supply-demand balance of cement in Ukraine in 2002-2010
VI.2. Situation analysis and perspectives of development of Ukrainian construction industry
VII. Forecast of production and consumption of cement in Ukraine up to 2015.
Appendix 1. Address Book of key Ukrainian enterprises, producing cement
Appendix 2. Classification of cements and requirements to them in accordance with the requirements of State Standards

Table 1: The world's largest producers of cement in 2000-2010, mln t
Table 2: Dynamics of prices on cement in 2008-2010, ? / t
Table 3: The principal deposits of cement raw materials in Ukraine and their enterprise-operators
Table 4: Enterprises that have capacities to produce cement and technologies used
Table 5: Production of cement in the USSR
Table 6: Companies that manufactured cement in Ukraine in 2003-2010, th. tonnes
Table 7: The volume of foreign trade in cement in Ukraine in kind and in money terms in 2002-2010, th. tonnes, mln $
Table 8: Regional structure of Ukrainian import of cement in 2002-2010, th. tonnes
Table 9: Volumes of supplies of cement to leading Ukrainian importers in 2007-2010, th. tonnes
Table 10: Regional structure of Ukrainian export of cement in 2002-2010, th. tonnes
Table 11: Directions and volumes of supplies of the major exporters of cement in 2006-2010, th. tonnes
Table 12: Supply-demand balance of cement in Ukraine in 2002-2010, th. tonnes
Table 13: Commissioning dwelling houses in Ukraine in 2004-2010 and for 3 months of 2011, thousand m2

Figure 1: Dynamics of world production of cement (bln t), growth rates (%) in 2000-2010
Figure 2: Geographical structure of world production of cement in 2010, %
Figure 3: Schematic flow sheet of cement production by dry method
Figure 4: Schematic flow sheet of cement production by wet method
Figure 5: Diagram of the technological process of cement production by dry method by production stages
Figure 6: Production of cement in the Ukraine (mln t) and the output growth (% yoy) in 2002-2010
Figure 7: Dynamics of Russian import of cement in kind and in money terms in 2002-2010.
Figure 8: Dynamics of Ukrainian export of cement in kind and in money terms in 2002-2010.
Figure 9: Dynamics of average Ukrainian export and import prices on cement in 2002-2010, $ / t
Figure 10: Dynamics of production, apparent consumption, export and import of cement in Ukraine in 2002-2010, th. tonnes
Figure 11: Dynamics of housing in the Ukraine in 2000-2010, mln m2, % yoy
Figure 12: Regional structure of commissioning housing in Ukraine in 2010, %
Figure 13: Forecast of production and consumption of cement in the Ukraine in 2015, mln t


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