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3D-printing with biomaterials in Russia and the world: Production, Market and Forecast

Seitenzahl: 85 Anzahl der Tische: 21 Anzahl der Zeichnungen: 17
Report Sprache: Russian
Freigegeben: 24.03.2023
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This report is the first publication of a study of the market for 3D printing with biomaterials in Russia and the world.

The purpose of the study is to analyze the Russian market of biological 3D printers.

The object of the study are only 3D bioprinters that print components of living cells (similar devices for metals, polymers, ceramics and composite materials for medical purposes are left outside of this report).

This work is a desk study. As sources of information, data from scientific, industry and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of issuers of securities, websites of equipment manufacturers, the state R&D database and the FIPS patent database were used.

Timeline of the study: 2017-2022

Research geography: Russian Federation in detail, world overview.


The report consists of 5 chapters, contains 85 pages, including 21 tables, 17 figures, and 2 appendices.

The first chapter of the report provides information about the global market for biological 3D printing.

The second chapter of the report provides data on the world's main manufacturers of printers and materials for biological 3D printing.

The third chapter of the report discusses the legal problems of using biological 3D printers in world medicine using living cells from animals and humans.

In the fourth chapter of the report, the Russian market for biological 3D printing is outlined, the main developers of domestic bioprinters and materials for them are considered, export-import operations are analyzed, a patent analysis of inventions in the field of bioprinting is performed, registers of open purchases and grants for R&D in the field of bioprinting are compiled, prices are summarized on bioprinters in the Russian Federation, summarized data on the consumption of bioprinters are given.

The fifth chapter of the report presents a forecast for the development of Russian biological 3D printing for humans in 2023-2025.


The highlight of the report is a detailed review of the profile of all well-known manufacturers of biological 3D printers for humans in Russia, an overview of R&D topics and their financing, as well as information on Russian patents for inventions and utility models, certificates for computer programs, databases in the field of bioprinting.

Target audience of the study:

market participants of biological 3D printers and 3D printing - manufacturers, consumers, traders;

- students of specialized universities;

- analysts of the market of new medical technologies;

- potential investors.

The proposed study purports to be a reference tool for marketing and management decision makers working in the human biological 3D printing market.





1. Global market for biological 3D printing


2. Global manufacturers of bioprinters and materials

2.1. The main global manufacturers of 3D bioprinters

Allevi Inc. (USA)

Cellink/BICO Bioprinting (Sweden)

Rokit Healthcare Inc. (South Korea)

2.2. Materials for biological 3D printing


Mechanisms of polymerization of materials

Commercial inks for 3D bioprinting


3. Human bioprinting and medical law


4. Biological 3D printing in the Russian Federation in 2017-2022

4.1. Developers of 3D bioprinters, materials and biotechnologies in the Russian Federation in 2017-2022

PI "3D Bioprinting Solutions" (Moscow)

Pharmprint LLC (Moscow)

LLC NPP Cyto-Instrument BelGU (Belgorod)

First MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov

Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics RAS (Chernogolovka)

Federal State Budgetary Institution National Medical Research Center of Oncology (Rostov-on-Don)

National Research University ITMO (St. Petersburg)

National Research Center for Radiology (Moscow)

4.2. Imports of 3D bioprinters, spare parts and bioink in 2017-2022

4.3. Export of 3D bioprinters in 2017-2022

4.4. Price analysis of 3D biological printers in 2017-2023

4.5. R&D on 3D bioprinting in 2017-2023

4.6. Copyright protection for biological 3D printing in 2017-2022

4.7. Vacancies and training in the Russian Federation

4.8. Open procurement of bioprinters and services in the Russian Federation in 2017-2022

4.9. Traders and intermediaries for bioprinters in Russia in 2017-2022

4.10. Consumption and fleet of bioprinters in the Russian Federation


5. Forecast of Russian biological 3D printing for 2023-2025


Main sources of information


Appendix 1: Addresses of domestic manufacturers of 3D bioprinters and their parts

Appendix 2: Consumers of bioprinting products

Table 1: Main technical parameters of Allevi bioprinters

Table 2: Capabilities of Rikit Invivo bioprinters

Table 3: Main financial indicators of PI "3D Bioprinting Solutions" (Moscow) in 2017-2021

Table 4: Key financial indicators of Pharmprint LLC (Moscow) in 2017-2021

Table 5: Main financial indicators of NPP Cyto-Instrument BelGU LLC (Belgorod) in 2017-2021

Table 6: List of FEA codes for imports of bioprinters, parts, bioinks and chemicals for them in 2017-2022

Table 7: Imports of bioprinters in 2017-2022, units, kg, thousand $

Table 8: Imports of bioprinter parts in 2017-2022, kg, thousand $

Table 9: Imports of bioinks and chemicals for bioprinters in 2020-2022, kg, thousand $

Table 10: Summary data on imports of bioprinters, printer parts and materials for bioprinting in 2017-2022, units, kg, thousand $

Table 11: Import prices for Allevi brand bioprinters in 2018-2019, million rubles

Table 12: Import prices for Cellink brand bioprinters in 2018-2022, million rubles

Table 13: Import prices for Rokit brand bioprinters in 2017-2022, million rubles

Table 14: Import Internet prices for bioprinters in the Russian Federation in March 2023, million rubles

Table 15: RF grants for bioprinting in 2017 - March 2023

Table 16: Dynamics of issuance of security documents of the Russian Federation for bioprinting in 2015-2022, units

Table 17: Documents on the protection of intellectual property of the Russian Federation on bioprinting for 2015-2022

Table 18: Topics of Russian patents for inventions and utility models in the field of bioprinting according to the IPC in 2015-2022

Table 19: Procurement of bioprinters and bioink in 2017-2022, units, million rubles

Table 20: Main companies supplying bioprinters and materials to the Russian Federation in 2017-2022, million rubles

Table 21: RF bioprinter fleet as of April 2023, units

Figure 1: World Centers for Biological 3D Printing on a Map

Figure 2: Main Centers for Biological 3D Printing in the US

Figure 3: Main Centers for Biological 3D Printing in Western Europe

Figure 4: Allevi 3 Bioprinter

Figure 5: Bio X6 Bioprinter

Figure 6: Lumen X Bioprinter

Figure 7: Rikit Invivo Bioprinter

Figure 8: Rokit Bioink Application Diagram

Figure 9: Allevi liver tissue ink

Figure 10: Synthetic bioink produced by Biogelx

Figure 11: Group photo of 3D Bioprinting Solutions employees (Moscow)

Figure 12: Appearance of the Fabion bioprinter

Figure 13: 3dbio bioprinter magnet

Figure 14: External view of the space bioprinter "Organaut"

Figure 15: Appearance of the BioDrop bioprinter

Figure 16: Dynamics of imports of bioprinters in 2017-2022, units

Figure 17: Dynamics of open purchases of bioprinters and bioinks in the Russian Federation in 2017-2022, million rubles


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